Question: Is Hunter Jan’S Baby Daddy?

Why did Kevin get fired?

Dwight Schrute, the latest manager at Dunder Mifflin Scranton, fired Kevin for his poor job performance and for “cooking the books.” It was revealed that Kevin made up a number called “Keleven” to hide his mathematical mistakes.

Following his time at the paper company, Kevin became the owner of a bar..

Was Angela actually pregnant in the office?

Angela Kinsey was pregnant during Season 4 of ‘The Office’ “My pregnancy wasn’t written into the season arc because it didn’t exist for part of the season. Then, after the writers’ strike, I came back very pregnant – and I’m a petite person.

Does Kevin get killed in Riverdale?

Season Three The Shadow Lake Boys were bribed by Hiram Lodge to help frame Archie for murder. Once Veronica started piecing this together, Hiram ordered Sheriff Minetta to shoot them. Kevin’s former love interest was found dead in season three, branded with a Gryphons and Gargoyles symbol that means “sacrifice”.

Why did Jane tell Michael to not date Holly?

She probably wants Michael to keep giving her money, which is why she lets him be “involved” in the pregnancy. If Michael starts dating Holly, he will become less desperate to cling on to idea of being in a “family” with Jan, and Jan will no longer be able to manipulate him for money.

Why did the office get rid of Holly?

“The decision of Holly came out of the decision to evolve Michael’s character past Jan,” writer Jen Salata explained. The writers wanted to get Michael to a point where he found a partner and a peer.

Is Kevin Malone mentally challenged?

In “Goodbye, Toby”, Dwight tells the office’s new HR representative Holly that Kevin is mentally challenged and that he got his job at Dunder Mifflin through a special program.

Who is Jan’s baby daddy?

Astrid Levinson is the daughter of Jan Levinson and an unknown sperm donor, possibly being Kevin Malone. Her name is the name of a Viking princess. Michael first realizes that Jan is pregnant with Astrid in the episode, Goodbye, Toby.

Did Michael get Jan pregnant?

Jan is seen again in the fourth-season finale, in which she is revealed to be pregnant via artificial insemination. Michael goes to her Lamaze classes when Jan asks him to (where he apparently annoyed the teacher) and is incredibly excited to be there for the birth of “their” child.

Why did Jan have a baby?

Though Jan didn’t want to have children while she was dating Michael, however, it is discovered that she just didn’t really want to have Michael’s child. Jan used a donor to artificially inseminate herself in order to have a baby. Michael, of course, thinks the baby is his when he finds out that she is pregnant.

Is Philip Pam’s real baby?

While Jenna Fischer, the actress that played Pam Halpert, was pregnant in real life during this storyline, the second Halpert child was already planned to happen during this time. Phillip is also the name of Angela’s baby that she had on the episode “Jury Duty.” Phillip was Jim and Pam’s second baby.

Is Dwight autistic?

Generally speaking, Dwight is unable to understand his social world. Between his difficulty understanding social cues, inability to restrain inappropriate thoughts, and highly specific areas of interest, Dwight’s character consistently exhibits behavior that is associated with autism spectrum disorder.

Was Jan pregnant at the dinner party?

Spoiler: In “Goodbye, Toby,” Michael discovers that Jan is pregnant and it is established that she got pregnant while they were still together.

Was Pam actually pregnant in the office?

Jenna Fischer was actually pregnant and her pregnancy was written into the series with Pam and Jim having their second baby.

Does Holly end up with Michael?

Hollis Partridge “Holly” Scott (née Flax) is a fictional character from the US television series The Office, played by Amy Ryan. … At the office, Michael proposes to her with the help of their co-workers. After different challenges, she and Michael move to Colorado, marry and start a family together.

Why was Jan so mean to Michael?

She dates Michael because deep down she doesn’t like who she is and she’s too hard on herself. … The writers needed something to do with her and also it made no sense for her to be having a relationship with Michael if she was the reasonable, intelligent, professional person that she started out as.