Question: Who Is Pregnant In Chicago Fire?

What happened to Sylvie Brett’s mom?

The circle of life hit Chicago Fire in a heartbreaking way during Wednesday’s episode, when Sylvie Brett’s biological mom Julie (played by Kelly Deadmon) died during childbirth..

Do Sylvie and Antonio get back together?

During the previous season of Fire, Sylvie Brett (Kara Killmer) dated Antonio Dawson (Jon Seda), Gabriela Dawson’s (Monica Ramyond) brother. … This crossover was the first time the we have seen Sylvie and Antonio together since January, when the two reunited in the Fire winter premiere.

Does Brett return to Chicago Fire?

After breaking off her engagement to Kyle and leaving Indiana behind, Brett’s return to Firehouse 51 brings up “mixed emotion[s] for her,” her portrayer Kara Killmer tells TVLine. “She’s really happy to be back, happy to be back with her family.

Is Renee’s baby really severide?

As you might recall, Renée and Severide split in Season 1 when she moved to Spain for work. She then returned in the finale — pregnant! Alas, the baby wasn’t Severide’s, and the pair went their separate ways again in early Season 2.

Why did they kill Otis off Chicago Fire?

P. Firefighter Brian “Otis” Zvonecek (Yuriy Sardarov). In the Season 8 premiere of Chicago Fire, one of the show’s most lovable original characters tragically expired due to burns sustained in last season’s finale mattress factory fire.

Does mouch meet son?

After learning that his anonymous sperm donation years ago suddenly wasn’t so anonymous, Mouch (Christian Stolte) chickened out from meeting his kid at the last minute. In this exclusive sneak peek from Tuesday’s new episode (10/9c, NBC), Emmett comes to Firehouse 51 to (finally) meet him face-to-face.

Who gets pregnant in Chicago Fire?

A few months later, in the Season 1 finale, Renée comes back from Spain and reveals to Kelly that she is pregnant with his child.

Does Sylvie Brett die in Chicago fire?

After spending time bonding, Brett’s biological mother ended up dying due to complications surrounding the premature birth of her new daughter. As you can imagine, the loss of Julie has rocked Brett, and Chicago Fire fans are about to see how much.

Is Taylor Kinney dating anyone?

Is Taylor Kinney dating anyone? Ever since his break up with Gaga, Kinney has been pretty quiet about his relationships. But for the most part, he seems to have moved on. In fact, in a recent Instagram post, the actor shared a video of himself dancing romantically with a new mystery woman while quarantined at home.

Does severide stay married?

Severide returns from Vegas, smiling and happy, and informs that house that he got married in Vegas.

Who does Sylvie Brett date?

However, a few episodes later her husband to-be finds her working at 51 and comes to visit her….Sylvie BrettSignificant otherHarrison (ex-fiancée) Joe Cruz (ex-boyfriend) Antonio Dawson (ex-boyfriend) Kyle Sheffield (ex-fiancée)Career7 more rows

Is Gabby coming back to Chicago Fire in 2020?

Gabby Dawson will making a return appearance on Chicago Fire. Monica Raymund, whose departure after six seasons left fans of the NBC drama series devastated, will reprise her role as Gabby Dawson in the Season 8 midseason finale on November 20, Deadline has confirmed.

Will severide and Kidd get married?

According to executive producer Derek Haas, they might actually spare us and let Severide and Stella be happy, at least for now. Though we won’t see an actual wedding between the two this season, he did say we’re headed down that path. … “Severide’s into Kidd. He’s only got eyes for Kidd,” Derek assured.

Who does Brett end up with on Chicago Fire?

That’s the theme of our show this year.” That’s not to say Brett won’t have romance to look forward to. After years of dancing around their attraction for each other, Brett and Casey are maybe finally exploring their feelings for each other. “Two years is a long time of will they-won’t they!” Killmer exclaimed.

Does Sylvie Brett and Matt Casey get together?

There was no in-between with this couple. Other fans say that it is wrong for Brett and Matt to be together because Brett and Gabby were best friends.

Who does Kelly severide end up with?

In Season 3, while still mourning over Shay’s death, Severide takes a trip to Las Vegas and meets Brittany Baker (Serinda Swan), a graphic designer, at the craps table. They marry and she moves in with Severide, shocking his colleagues and Chief Boden.

Who does Sylvie Brett marry?

Brett’s season started with a major personal issue to contemplate as she processed her engagement to Chaplain Kyle Sheffield (Teddy Sears). She had said yes to his proposal in the Chicago Fire season 7 finale, and the season premiere showed us that she had moved from Chicago to Fowlerton.

Who is the new girl on Chicago Fire?

GiannaGianna is the newest character on Chicago Fire, brought in as Brett’s new partner after Foster’s departure for med school.

Does Anna die on Chicago Fire?

Severide’s suffering intensified exponentially in Tuesday’s episode, “Carry Me,” when he lost his beloved girlfriend Anna (Charlotte Sullivan) to her recurring cancer.

Does Sylvie get pregnant?

She wasn’t expecting after all, but the pregnancy scare made her change her mind, and tell Antonio she wanted to be with him. Yet it never happened—because Antonio told Brett he was going on a blind date with another woman.

Is Renee pregnant with Kelly’s baby?

A few months later, Renée comes back from Spain and reveals to Kelly that she is pregnant with his child. … He asks for a paternity test, which reveals that the baby is indeed not his, but rather the result of a one night stand Renée had a few weeks after arriving in Madrid.

Why did Voight kill Casey?

The case was related to a drug dealer named Thomas Cobb, whom Voight killed to protect Casey. Unfortunately, Hallie was murdered after accidentally discovering a drug operation at the hospital she worked at. Later in the series, he investigates a gang drive-by shooting which claimed the life of a young girl.

Who is Kara Killmer married to?

Andrew Cheneym. 2016Kara Killmer/Spouse

Does severide have a baby with Shay?

Although Shay and Severide aren’t having a kid, they become godparents to Hermann’s son. Then Renée returns to reveal she’s preggers with Severide’s child!

Does Chief Boden have a baby?

At first, she refused to know the baby’s gender unlike Boden who’d have liked to know. She revealed to him later that they are expecting a boy. Donna later gave birth to a boy named Terrance Boden.