Question: Why Did Kratos Kill Himself?

Why is Kratos so weak in gow4?

Kratos has learnt to control his temper for the sake of his son.

That is why he seems ‘weaker’.

It is because he holds back.

If he went all out, he would be much stronger than GOW 3 Kratos..

Is Kratos immortal?

He is not immortal because he can die. He is super powerful and very very hard to kill. He also rapidly recovers from non-fatal injuries. … By the end of GoW 3, Greece had hardly anything capable to kill Kratos and when he arrives to the Norse Myth, he finds the will to live due to Atreus and Faye.

Can Kratos kill Thor?

Thor has the hammer of the gods. … Thor needs to eat golden apples to remain immortal, and thor has friends like the avengers. Kratos has killed every god. I would say although Thor is extremely fast and powerful, Kratos would likely defeat him probably 75% sure Kratos would win.

Can Kratos kill himself?

Kratos literally can’t even kill himself, he’s cursed to walk to the world forever but people expect thor to kill him 😂. He can die.

Is Kratos the son of Loki?

‘ In one of the final scenes of the game, Kratos tells his son that his mother originally wanted to name him Loki, but Kratos pushed for the name Atreus to honor a Spartan warrior killed in battle. This detail is critical because it reveals that Atreus is Loki, who plays an important role in Norse Mythology.

Why did Kratos stab himself?

Athena wanted the weapon(Hope). By stabbing himself, Kratos spread the gift of hope to humanity. That is why Athena shouts “They don’t know what to do with it”, or something along those lines, after Kratos stabs himself.

How did Kratos survive stabbing himself?

He’s apparently cursed. He’s unable to take his own life or die from old age. Maybe the blade still had Kratos’s godhood in it from when Zeus tricked him into leaving it in the blade in GoW2? So he stabs himself through with it, and it releases hope for the world while putting the godhood back into Kratos.

Does Kratos regret killing Zeus?

Kratos regrets killing Zeus because he wishes he had just walked away and gone on to live his own peaceful life, like he did anyway. Yes, the gods were terrible to him. But killing them didn’t undo the things they did, it was just senseless revenge, giving in to his anger, causing more pain to add to the cycle.

Who did Kratos kill?

God Of War Kratos Kills his Father Zeus PS4.

Is Kratos cursed to live forever?

Under the God of War’s influence, Kratos became utterly ruthless and gradually lost any semblance of the humanity he once had. … The oracle cursed Kratos, forcing him to forever wear the ashes of his dead family on his skin.

What God killed Kratos?

God Of War: 14 Gods Kratos Killed (& How He Murdered Them)7 Hercules (Demigod)8 Helios (God Of The Sun) … 9 Persephone (Goddess Of Spring) … 10 Hades (God Of The Underworld) … 11 Thanatos (God Of Death) … 12 Athena (Goddess Of War/Wisdom) … 13 Ares (God Of War) … 14 Poseidon (God Of The Ocean) … More items…•

Will Kratos die of old age?

Now, to answer your question about Kratos aging, it doesn’t seem like he can die of old age. He’s pretty much ageless, being a god. … He’ll catch a few wrinkles and grow some gray hairs, but Grandpa Kratos can still blast your ass into another dimension.