Question: Why Was The Old Woman Waiting At The Crossing?

What was the old woman’s fear How did Andrew reassure her?

The old woman feared that the doctor might go home as there was still some time for the delivery.

Andrew assured her that he would’nt go back and then he drank the tea offered to him.

The old woman feared that the doctor might go home as there was still some time for the delivery..

What is the tone of the poem somebody’s mother?

Somebody’s mother by Mary Dow Brine is a beautiful poem depicting wonderful values of care and love for others. An old woman wearing ragged clothes was standing at a crossing to go to the other side of the road; she was waiting for the traffic to stop so that she could safely go to the other side.

How did the boy explain his act of helping the old woman cross the road?

Answer: This boy asked her if she is fine to help her. Then he helped her cross the road and went back to his friends. He explained to his friends that his mother would also become old and when she needs help, someone will help her.

What was his reason for helping her somebody’s mother?

He told his friends that the old woman was somebody’s mother. She was aged, poor and weak. So, he had helped her. He also hoped when he was far away some person would help his mother if she became poor and weak with age.

Why did the old woman wait long?

Questions & Answers. Why did the old woman wait long? The old woman waited for long to cross the road because she was too old and helpless to cross the road by herself. Besides, the people that passed by were mostly unfeeling and uncaring.

How do you describe the old woman?

Here are some adjectives for old woman: distressingly ancient, squat and dumpy, dismal and lonesome, insanely suicidal, hypothetically nonmenopausal, almost well-dressed, good-natured but gloomy, blind and poor, withered and bitter, egregiously fat, crazy and uncanny, harsh and hardy, unnaturally lusty, frivolous and …

Where was the old woman standing What did she want to do?

Answer: the old woman was standing across the road and nobody was helping her to cross the road she wanted to cross the road.

Why was the old woman afraid to move?

The old woman was afraid to move because she was very old and unstable. She thought that she might be hit by a carriage wheel or the horses’ feet on the slippery street. … In her prayers that night, the old woman said that God would be kind to the noble boy who helped her to cross the road.

What is the moral of the poem somebody’s mother?

The poem ‘Somebody’s Mother’ is written by Mary Dowe Brine. The main theme of this poem is that we should always be unselfish and help others. … He knows that she is somebody’s mother and hopes that someday someone will help his mother if he is not around for her.

Who helped the old lady?

Answer: One school boy offered to help the old woman.

Why was it difficult for the old woman to cross the road?

Explanation: it was difficult for the woman to cross the road because she is blind.

How did he feel after helping the old woman?

Ans: The person felt proud because with his firm and strong legs he was able to help the old woman.