Quick Answer: Did Ward Kill John B’S Dad?

What happened to John B’s dad in Outer Banks?

By the end of the show’s first season, however, it seems as if we have confirmation that John B.’s father is really dead.

In Episode 8, we see a flashback in which Scooter (David Ury) finds Big John’s body, mummified on one of the Outer Banks islands due to the South Carolina heat..

Does Ward kill John B?

Not only has Ward killed John B.’s father and stolen the gold, but now he has turned John B.’s entire island against hm — inadvertently putting a $25,000 bounty on his head in the process. … That is why, in the final 10 minutes of the episode, John B. and Sarah boat directly into a horrifying sea storm.

Do Kiara and John B get together?

Throughout Season 1, Kiara gets into shenanigans with the Pogues. She helps them on their adventure to find the gold from the Royal Merchant ship wreck. Kiara kisses John B on the cheek at one point and later on in the season he kisses her, thinking she likes him, but she doesn’t kiss him back and turns him down.

Did John B find the gold?

Here’s where the $400 million of gold is. John B. and the Pogues find the gold at the Crain mansion, an estate where an old woman who is believed to have killed her husband lives. They find the gold in a well in the basement of the house.

What happened John B?

John B escapes, but learns that Ward also attacked Big John, John B’s father. It turns out that Big John and Ward had originally planned to retrieve the treasure together, but Big John wanted a higher share of the money. The two men fought, Big John was thrown overboard, and Ward left him for dead in the water.

Does John B die OBX?

No, John B does not die in Outer Banks.

Why did Ward kill John dad?

and his friends found his father’s compass that contained a clue about where the treasure was. In the end, John B. and his friends found the treasure. … learns that Ward Cameron, the father of his girlfriend Sarah Cameron, killed his dad when Ward asked him about the compass on a fishing trip.

Do they find John B’s dad?

In Episode 8, a flashback reveals that Ward Cameron (Charles Esten) and Big John had been working on finding the Royal Merchant together. … Believing he was dead, Ward pushed Big John’s body overboard. However, we later learn that John B’s dad actually survived and washed up on a nearby island, à la Castaway.

Does Ward get caught in Outer Banks?

John B.’s dad ended up in the water, and Ward left him for dead. This means one of two things for Season 2 of Outer Banks. Either John B.’s father is dead, which means that Ward is guilty of manslaughter and will have to face John B., or he is alive, which means that John B.

Did John B and Sarah sleep together?

Sarah then expresses that she’s afraid that if they have sex, and she loses her virginity, that he will not like it — John B says they can wait. Sarah looks at him and says “thank you”, and they have sex. … Outer Banks season 1, episode 7, “Dead Calm” closes with John B joining Sarah’s father Ward for a fishing trip.

Does John B end up with Sarah?

Sarah manages to catch him as he passes by another port and decides to join him on his escape. Together, they decide to head off to Mexico and possibly come back when his name is cleared or stay there forever as they start a new life together.

Who killed the 2 guys in Outer Banks?

However, in episode 8, “The Runaway,” Ward Cameron (played by actor Charles Esten) admits he killed Big John while the pair was on the hunt for the Royal Merchant treasure.