Who Is The 7th Immortal In The Protector?

Is Leyla in Season 4 of the protector?

Mehmet Kurtulus – Mazhar.

Ayca Aysin Turan – Leyla..

Who does Zeynep end up with?

After Faysal was defeated and Hakan ensured Istanbul was safe from the Immortals once and for all, he and Zeynep started to live their lives as they wanted. Fans were happy Hakan and Zeynep ended up together, rejoicing that they were endgame as they had wished for.

Does Burak die in the protector?

Burak Death Scene – The Protector Season 4 Episode 1 Ending Scene.

Is Levent Hakans brother?

Levent Topal is the older brother of Hakan Demir. He was formerly thought to have been slaughtered like his sister and parents by the immortal, Faysal Erdem.

Does Zeynep die in Kara Sevda?

Fans wanted Kemal happy with his family but instead the Kara Sevda writers made him die along with Emir. Also, Tarik & Zeynep lived when it should have been Kemal who deserves. Many fans have cried that Kemal Soydere didn’t deserve to die.

Is Faysal Erdem The Immortal?

Hakan is convinced that Mazhar, Faysal Erdem’s chief of security, is the Immortal since he was the one after the talismanic shirt, and pretty much the perfect villain. … Hakan quickly discovers his boss and billionaire businessman, Faysal, is the real Immortal and had Mazhar working for him to find the Protector.

Does Levent die in the protector?

Levent Death Scene – The Protector Season 3.

Where did the immortals come from?

Maybe they come from the Source. It is not known yet what the Source actually is.” An attempt to explain the origin of the Immortals was made in the theatrical version of Highlander II: The Quickening (1991), which revealed that Immortals were aliens from the planet Zeist.

Who is Hakans brother?

LeventIn season two of “The Protector”, Engin Öztürk plays the role of Hakan’s older brother Levent, whom the Immortals had allegedly murdered in childhood. While the brothers were separated, Levent grew up with an adoptive Loyal family, so as to protect him from the Immortals.

Who is the last immortal in the protector?

Faysal ErdemThe last time we saw Hakan Demir (Çagatay Ulusoy), the last of The Protectors, he was in the Hagia Sophia confronting the last Immortal, Faysal Erdem, who was attempting to bring his late wife back to life, in Season 1 finale of The Protector.

Will Hakan end up with Zeynep?

In the final moments of the series, it is revealed that Hakan is back to working at his adoptive father’s shop. He also is reunited with Zeynep, and the two finally get a happy ending together after seasons of having a will-they-won’t-they romance.

How many immortals are in the protector?

seven ImmortalsIt’s a task he’s not only unprepared for, but resists — will he fulfill his destiny as the last protector? Season 2: Hakan must now face not one, but all seven Immortals, with each of them determined to destroy Istanbul and the world itself.

Where are the immortals from in the protector?

The Protector is widely known in Turkey but less known abroad. It tells the story of Hakan, who is the last surviving member of a family that protects Istanbul from a group called the Immortals. Hakan is a young man working at the Grand Bazaar.

What happens to Layla in the protector?

Unfortunately, along the way, Hakan lost the love of his life, Leyla (Ayça Aysin Turan) — Leyla was brought back to life using Immortal blood, which put her under the control of Faysal, who was determined to use her to kill Hakan — after she was stabbed by Loyal One Zeynep.

Is Leyla in Season 3 of the protector?

In season 3, it is a no-brainer that Cagatay Ulusoy will be returning to reprise the lead character. … It’s confirmed that Ayça Ayşin Turan as Leyla Sancak is not appearing in season 3 as well.

Is Hakan immortal?

With Okhan and Vizier’s help, Hakan (as Harun) is able to give nearly all the Immortals the mortality potion. When Hakan wakes up in the present, he is horrified to learn that Faysal is still alive. … Though Faysal tries to turn Hakan into an Immortal so they can ruin Istanbul, Hakan kills Faysal and sacrifices himself.

Who does the English voices in the protector?

CastCharacterOriginal ActorDub ActorZeynepHazar ErgüçlüHannah PrichardFaysal ErdemOkan YalabıkMark RolstonLelya SancakAyça Ayşin TuranSara FletcherMazhar DragushaMehmet KurtuluşStephen Blackehart28 more rows